Strange Weather gains new Strange Weatherman

12 11 2012

Dear reader,

it is with great pleasure that I welcome to this blog my esteemed friend, colleague, and lobster-slayer  Kevin Anchukaitis.

Kevin Anchukaitis coring a tree in a particularly scenic location

Kevin is a fellow paleoclimatologist with origins in dendroclimatology (using trees to infer past climate conditions), a long record of field work in some of the world’s most amazing places (Bhutan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Guatemala), an equally long record of great publications, a healthy obsession with good code, a peerless taste for good wine and an even better writing style, with which he has previously graced the New York Times “Scientist at Work” blog.  It is a privilege and an honor to welcome him as a fellow Strange Weatherman, and I trust you will enjoy his first post as much as I did. Let’s hope for many more to come!

Happy reading,


PS: it should be said that  Strange Weather science is gender-blind, so we will heartily welcome Weatherwomen too. And this reminds us that one should invent a less sexist term than “weatherman” to designate the TV meteorologists whose job it is to gesticulate in front of a blue screen while blurting out technical terms about the weather.