Waits in Atlanta

6 08 2008

No climate shenanigans today. Just some great Tom Waits news.

Mr Waits was closing his Glitter and Doom tour in Atlanta on July 5th. This I had known for a while from a very special press conference.

So on July 5th I was lucky enough to be in the beautiful Fox Theater for the event, together with a few thousand fans very stoked to be the A in Pehdtsckjmba.

I hear today from a friend that the concert was recorded in integrality on NPR, and can be accessed here . As Phil Gallo said it felt very much like “a reunion of oddballs, crackpots and believers telling their stories through a series of wheezes, harrumphs and shouts”. It is fantastic to be able to share it.

Its greatness will speak for itself, but here are some very preceptive reviews to delve into it, as well as a setlist and videos here and here.

Enjoy !