El Niño and the end of the world

1 05 2008


it’s has been a while… I have been traveling relentlessly (New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles, Vienna) and haven’t found much time for blogging. I have a few posts on the back burner, which need more research (what doesn’t, really ?).

Of course I don’t have any more time today, but I just remembered this student paper on El Niño, sent by a friend some time ago. (see gif file)

from unknown student at unknown university

I have no idea where it came from and could not trace it back, but I could not resist posting it. I hope “Jeremy” won’t mind that his prose gets to the WWW – it is utterly priceless . It is given here just for laughs, to find at least some comfort amidst the current food crisis.

To those who think journalists can be overzealous in their climate alarmism, beware of the next generation !




5 responses

1 05 2008

Give my best to the hawtie female profs there…

2 05 2008
Hank Roberts

Applause for the student writer. He could get a book contract with a few more samples like that one.

6 06 2008

Welcome back!

I hope you enjoyed your time. Will there be any blogging on your travels?



25 06 2008

This is what we get when Al Gore teaches science? Great!

My confidence that we can survive the current anti-science AGW end-of-the-world cult is eroding.

27 06 2008
El Niño

Hey there,
I am back from Europe today…. I did enjoy it much, thanks ! I don’t think any of the blogging will be related to the travels per se, but i do have a few posts in the pipeline… I am in a work mood though, so that is not a priority at the moment.
Thanks for sticking around – i promise there will be real food for thought some time soon.

Deadwood, if you wonder why your inane post got through, know that it is because i want to let its inanity speak for itself : you are exemplifying the brainless anti-AGW attitude with that sort of reasoning. Is that really how you want to come though ? If you have some valid points to make I will post them, but if you have nothing better in store, i’ll hit the delete button next time.
El Niño

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