Happy Waits Year

7 01 2008

It is only a few days into this new year : a perfectly opportune moment to celebrate its inception. And to wish all my dear readers (the whole half dozen of them) a great coming year.

This one started on blissfully auspicious terms for me, so i’ll stick to one wish : see Tom Waits live sometime soon. Because, as much a this blog is about climate, let’s face it : there are more important things in life – like Tom Waits.

I am now in New York, and how fitting is it i stumbled upon this interview today ?

in which one can hear what instantly became my favorite NYC quote :

Q : Tom, how would you describe New York City ?
A : Well, it’s like being on a ship, you know. And the water is on fire…

I have a direct view on the Empire State Mast as we speak, looking down on the sea of freakers that is Union Square, and i have to say he’s damn right. As always.

Anyway, more to the point of this blog, which is named after a song from the master : i have taken up to documenting Mr Waits’ meteorological musings. I engage all the Tom Waits fans around here (i know there are a few) to pop in and point out all those that have escaped my attention.

So far i counted :

Blue Skies [The Early Years] (1971)

Diamonds on my windshield [The heart of Saturday night] (1974)

Shiver me timbers [The heart of Saturday night] (1974)

(thanks to Scotopia)

Emotional Weather Report [Nighthawks at the diner] (1975)

Rain dogs [Rain Dogs] (1985)

Cold Cold Ground [Frank’s Wild Years] (1987)

Strange Weather [Big Time] (1988)

A Little Rain [ Bone Machine] (1992)

November [The Black Rider] (1993)

There’s only Alice [Alice] (2002)
(thanks to ICE for pointing it out)

Make it Rain [Real Gone] (2004)

So I wish you all a great 2008. Listen to Tom Waits, keep the carbon footprint low, do good whenever you can and the world will be a better place.




4 responses

7 01 2008


well, its no song title, but i think “Alice” deserves it, starting by “it’s dreamy weather”…

7 01 2008
El Niño

Good point !
And it’s a gorgeous song at that.

20 02 2008

tom waits is a god! here are some more tom waits songs with meteorological references:

the last rose of summer (the black rider)

oily night (the black rider)

t’ain’t no sin (the black rider): “when it gets too hot for comfort, and you can’t get ice cream cones, t’ain’t no sin to take off your skin, and dance around in your bones!”

little trip to heaven (the early years)

ol’ 55 (the early years) : lots of early-morning descriptions in this one…

grapefruit moon (the early years vol. 2)

shiver me timbers (the early years vol. 2) : one of my favorites!

diamonds on my windshield (the early years vol. 2) : i can’t believe nobody mentioned this one before!

that’s all i’ve got for now…

22 02 2008
El Niño

Holy smokes ! Yes, “Diamonds on my windshield” ! How could I have forgotten ??
Scott, thanks for chiming in !

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