Happy Waits Year

7 01 2008

It is only a few days into this new year : a perfectly opportune moment to celebrate its inception. And to wish all my dear readers (the whole half dozen of them) a great coming year.

This one started on blissfully auspicious terms for me, so i’ll stick to one wish : see Tom Waits live sometime soon. Because, as much a this blog is about climate, let’s face it : there are more important things in life – like Tom Waits.

I am now in New York, and how fitting is it i stumbled upon this interview today ?

in which one can hear what instantly became my favorite NYC quote :

Q : Tom, how would you describe New York City ?
A : Well, it’s like being on a ship, you know. And the water is on fire…

I have a direct view on the Empire State Mast as we speak, looking down on the sea of freakers that is Union Square, and i have to say he’s damn right. As always.

Anyway, more to the point of this blog, which is named after a song from the master : i have taken up to documenting Mr Waits’ meteorological musings. I engage all the Tom Waits fans around here (i know there are a few) to pop in and point out all those that have escaped my attention.

So far i counted :

Blue Skies [The Early Years] (1971)

Diamonds on my windshield [The heart of Saturday night] (1974)

Shiver me timbers [The heart of Saturday night] (1974)

(thanks to Scotopia)

Emotional Weather Report [Nighthawks at the diner] (1975)

Rain dogs [Rain Dogs] (1985)

Cold Cold Ground [Frank’s Wild Years] (1987)

Strange Weather [Big Time] (1988)

A Little Rain [ Bone Machine] (1992)

November [The Black Rider] (1993)

There’s only Alice [Alice] (2002)
(thanks to ICE for pointing it out)

Make it Rain [Real Gone] (2004)

So I wish you all a great 2008. Listen to Tom Waits, keep the carbon footprint low, do good whenever you can and the world will be a better place.