El Niño on the road but Earth Man is talking

21 05 2007

I have been roaming the land and emitting more carbon than i’d like to, but it’s been for the best. I have been having a blast and it’s proven scientitically productive. So be sure all that kerosene was not spent frivolously : i had a stimulating visit to Boulder CO (on all levels, brain and other parts ;-), an intensely productive streak of climate reconstruction in Penn State University ; a very fun evening in a Belgian bar in Philadelphia ; and a splendiferous, momentous, stupendous birthday week-end in New York. So it was all for a cause.
On the other hand, it left me longing for biodesiel-powered aircrafts, courteous airport security, and the extermination of fast food chains in airport concourses.

Amidst this vertiginous whirlwind of traveling, and before flying to Acapulco tomorrow for the Spring meeting of the American Geophysical Union , i cannot resist sharing this irrestibly funky shoutout for climate action.

Sure it’s a little simplistic but we’ve got to start somewhere… and did i say it was funky ?


The EarthMan project rocks !

This fusion of science, entertainment and activism is actually right up my alley, so expect that kind of presence from me in the future (working on the VLOG thing, slowly but surely… please continue submitting comments and questions as they are the potting mix from which this Web 2.0 project will grow).
That kind of presence, more depth, more cheekiness and some surprises : the Niño twist …
See you in a few weeks !