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6 04 2007

So, what is it that you want to know about climate ?
Remember : no question is too dumb… and if it is, please make it is really silly so we can have some fun.
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6 04 2007

A question from New York … is “Wind Chill” an academically measured and respected statistic or a morning news nonsense concept created to make cold weather forecasts sound more exciting? You never hear about an 85 degree day with a wind chill of 80 … (apologies for Farenheit)

How is this measured? Could the factors that influence wind chill actually make a day feel warmer than the actual temperature in any scenario?

6 04 2007

As the GHG’s increase in the earth’s atmosphere, will that effect El Nino’s temperatures, cuz that French man can’t possibly get any hotter!

9 04 2007

hey, here’s a question: will everybody stop being depressed once the sun is out again and it stops snowing?

10 04 2007

Um, shoot, no, I mean, you are probably all ready shooting, but here is my question..

What do you say to the person that thinks global warming as an issue is being used as a front by governments and the powers behind the scene to distract intellectuals from a real impending crisis, as yet undefined or below the radar?

10 04 2007
El Niño

Hey peeps !
thanks for the feedback.
Some elements of answer before a more thorough (and goofy) video.

SPENCER KATZMAN : :”wind chill” is a qualitative term for sensible heat extraction between the boundary layer around your body and the surrounding atmosphere in motion. I don’t know *exactly* how it is computed in practice but it is a form of bulk aerodynamic formula.Unfortunately i could not find anything on that in layman terms, but it writes something like :
H = Cd*U*(Ts-Ta)

where U is the windspeed, Ts is yiour skin temperature, Ta the air tempearature and Cd is a drag coefficient that depends on a bunch of things (roughness of the surface, stability of the air column, AND windspeed, just to make it more complicated), but given some reasonable guess at moderate wind speeds (i.e., you’re not near the eyewall of a hurricane), then if your body is hotter than the air around you, this term should always
always make things COLDER than if the air was motionless. Hence the term “wind chill”. Now, i’d like to know of a “stickyiness index” that takes humidity into account in the same way. My guess is , it wouldbn’t be so popular. (the popular “relative humidity”reported on TV as “humidity” doesn’t tell you a whole lot about this… some, but not all).

Does that answer your question ?

ONE_LOVE : actually, the behavior of El Niño under radiative forcing is at the forefront of climate research, and part of my postdoctoral work is to constrain how it worked over the past millennium. Yet we all know that my behavior under any type of stimulation can be highly unpredictable… Thank you for the compliment, by the way 😉

ORI : move to the South, or to Israel. This northern life in the snowy backwoods of Ithaca is not doing you any good…

MIEL : i think the answer is included in your question… But if you do want my take on it, search for “Crichton” in my post on An Inconvenient Truth (http://tinyurl.com/2vchuo)
and you’ll have some flavor of how decadently frivolous this whole argument is. Entertaining, nonetheless 😉

15 04 2007

How’s that hole in the ozone layer hanging? I would imagine it’s like a tear in a pair of panty hose that keeps growing, inspite of the clear nail polish “quick fix”.

15 04 2007

They say that today’s nor’easter is the worst since 1992. personally, I have a cook-in-dinner-date tonight, and I think my girl is just about to call and cancel because of the rain, and I’ll end up stuck with a bunch of groceries in the fridge, and another night alone.
how can I salvage my Sunday evening?

2 05 2007
El Niño

Humm, the Global Warming / Ozone Hole parallel definitely needs a little TV show.
Short answer is, the Ozone hole is doing much better, and the only reason why this is so is that industry leaders (i.e. DuPont) were able to agree on substitute to CFCs that is much less harmful to the ozone cycle. We’re still waiting for oil companies to come up with a CO2 substitute…

22 11 2007

I love Spanish moss, alligators and palmettos and how they are found well up into North Carolina (on the coast), not just in Florida. Is there some way to accelerate this global warming to make it come to Virginia? I’m worried that I’ll be dead and gone before I get the tropical weather.

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