IPCC 4th assessment : No surprises

2 02 2007

So I just came back from the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, after a very instructive morning. If you cared to look in the media about this, you already know the punchlines – as everyone did before the official consensus was reached. And the punchline is : since the last report, it has only become more clear how much climate has changed under anthropogenic influence, a fact that co-chair Susan Solomon has repeatedly qualified as “unequivocal”.

What my report will focus on is what you won’t read, see or hear in the mainstream media… In particular, none of the embarrasing mistakes and completely overblown conclusions that scientifically illiterate journalists LOOOOOOOVE to make, just because “if it bleeds, it leads”.

Instead, I’ll give you a view from behind the scenes… I learned quite a bit this morning about the way the IPCC works, and about individual versus collective contributions to the whole. It was truly fascinating. What i am bringing back is an even greater respect for this enterprise, one of the utmost dedication of scientists to the rest of society via policy making.

So you’ll here about that in a few days. In the meantime I will use this spike of enthusiasm for science to get a bit of real work done….

El Niño




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